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Frequently Asked Questions

Does GCC accept donations?

Donations are an integral part of any not-for-profit organization.  Monetary donations are always welcome and are tax deductible.  Anyone who would like to donate items such as toys, games, furniture, etc. may contact the Executive Director to make arrangements.

When there is a half-day of school is my child automatically registered for the half-day program?

Children who are enrolled in full-time after-school care are eligible to enroll in half-day programs with no additional charge. Children who are enrolled in part-time after-school care will be eligible to enroll ONLY if the half-day falls on a day they would normally attend. If the half-day does not fall on a day that your child attends or your child only attends the before-school program you can register your child at an additional cost, should space be available.

Why are full-day programs held at one location in each school district?

Currently the demand for full-day care only necessitates GCC to secure one location in each school district. GCC has worked with the EGCSD and APCSD to secure Green Meadow and West Sand Lake Schools as our designated schools to operate full-day programs.

Is there an additional cost for full-day programs?

Yes, the cost is $41 per day. (See parent handbook for multiple day and sibling discounts.)

How do I register for the full-day program?

Full-day registration forms are completed online and submitted electronically. Full-day schedules and events are emailed approximately one month prior to the full-day program.

Once I register for the full-day program how will I know if I have been accepted?

You will receive a confirmation letter via email. If the full-day program has been filled to capacity the Office Manager will contact you.

Why do we pay for September and June before the start of the school year?

GCC has designed their payment schedule so the first and last month of the school year is paid for prior to the start of the school year. School year payments are due from July-April. Those who register their children for summer camp will make payments during the months of May and June.

Is GCC affiliated with the East Greenbush or Averill Park Central School Districts?

No. GCC is a private, non-profit organization that has a rental agreement with each school district.

Who is allowed to pick up my child from GCC?

All persons who are authorized to pick-up a child must be 16 years of age and must be listed in the Parent Portal and will receive a unique pin number for pick-ups.  Changes to the pick-up list are made in the Parent Portal at any time. Please contact the Administrative Office if you need to delete an authorized pick-up.

Can I pay my tuition electronically?

Yes. You can elect to have your monthly tuition automatically deducted from your bank account.

Does Greenbush Child Caring accept credit cards?

No, the GCC Board of Directors has decided not to accept credit cards due to the high fees associated with accepting them.

Can I make a payment at the before or after-school program?

No. Payments can only be accepted at the GCC Administrative Office

Do I have to pay a enrollment fee each year?

Yes. GCC must charge a enrollment fee for each program, each year to cover administrative costs.

Will my child be taken on field trips throughout the school year?

Yes. Occasionally during half-day and full-day programs the children will be taken on field trips. Parents are notified in advance of field trips.

Will my child have the opportunity to complete his homework during the after-school program?

Yes, each program has a designated quiet space where children can work on their homework.

Can my child bring in toys from home?

No. Children are prohibited from bringing personal possessions from home. These include electronic devices and toys. Please be aware that GCC does not accept responsibility for belongings children bring to the program. GCC reserves the right to request that children put away personal belongings brought from home.

What type of training does the staff receive?

GCC direct care employees receive numerous hours of training in the following topic areas: First aid/CPR, behavior management, special needs, recreational activities, health and safety, child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention, nutrition, child day care program development, principles of child development, and statutes and regulations pertaining to child day care.

Will my child get a snack in the before and after-school program?

No. Snack will only be provided during the after-school program. Each afternoon all children are served a healthy snack with juice or milk.

If school is delayed will the before-school program operate?

No. In the instance of a school delay, the before-school program will not operate.

If school is dismissed early will the after-school program operate?

No. In the instance of an early dismissal from school the after-school program will not operate. If either district closes at regular dismissal time, BUT they cancel after-school activities GCC will operate its after-school programs

If school closes due to snow or due to another unexpected closure will GCC operate?

No, when the schools close for the day we are unable to use their facilities.


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