Summer Camp

Summer Camp Staff

Ryan Warren

Ryan Warren - Camp Director - Discovery

Kacy Rosenberger

Kacy Rosenberger - Camp Director - Explorer

Kaylie Anderson

Kaylie Anderson - Assistant Director - Discovery

Candace Race

Candace Race - Assistant Director - Explorer

Joshua Myers Collins

Joshua Myers-Collins - AM/PM Counselor

David Hansen

David Hansen - Sports Coordinator/Group Leader

Elizabeth Mayforth

Elizabeth Mayforth - Group Leader

Mackenzie Wyman

Mackenzie Wyman - Group Leader/Lifeguard

Jesse Rockman

Jesse Rockman - Lifeguard/ Counselor

Ben Koonz

Ben Koonz - LIT Coordinator

Amanda Anadio

Amanda Anadio - Water Safety Instructor/Group Leader

Jean Holmes

Jean Holmes - Parent Greeter - Discovery

Sharon Civalier2

Sharon Civalier - Parent Greeter – Explorer

Alex Kapp

Alex Kapp - Counselor Aide

Nick Conner

Nicholas Connor - Counselor – Explorer

Jailah Antoinetti

Jailah Antonetti - Counselor – Explorer

Zach Delamater

Zach DeLamater - Counselor – Explorer

Jack Dunham

Jonathan Dunham - Counselor – Discovery

Ryan Flanagan

Ryan Flanagan - Counselor – Discovery

Samantha Golden

Samantha Golden - Counselor – Explorer

Katrina Gorman

Katrina Gorman - Counselor – Discovery

Emily Hulikc

Emily Hulick - Counselor – Discovery

Emily Hurd

Emily Hurd - Counselor – Discovery

Mikayla Mahoney

Mikayla Mahoney - Counselor – Explorer

Ben Pitan

Benjamin Pitan - Counselor – Explorer

Christian Smith

Christian Smith - Counselor – Explorer

Logan Speed

Logan Speed - Counselor – Explorer

Emily Velasquez

Emily Valasquez - Counselor – Explorer

Eddie Webber

Edward Webber - Counselor – Discovery

Anthony Webber

Anthony Webber - Counselor – Explorer

Sofie Willis

Sofie Willis - Counselor – Explorer

Megan Woods

Megan Woods - Counselor – Explorer

Conner Wright

James Connor Wright - Counselor – Explorer

Brielle Charland

Brielle Charland - Counselor

Dylan Cullett

Dylan Cullett - Counselor

Kayla Scott

Kayla Scott - Counselor

Brooke Tuttle

Brooke Tuttle - Counselor

Abrianna Armando

Abrianna Armando - Counselor

Christina Celello

Christina Celello - Substitute Counselor

Alexis Pearsall

Alexis Pearsall - Substitute Counselor

James Taylor Shaw

James Taylor-Shaw - AM Counselor

Rachel Coleman

Rachel Coleman - AM/PM Counselor

Danielle Pardo

Danielle Pardo - AM Counselor

Rebeca Blanchard

Rebeca Blanchard - AM/PM Counselor

Linda Mazur

Linda Mazur - AM/PM Counselor

Jonathan Torres

Jonathan Torres - AM/PM Counselor


News / Announcements

2018 Summer Day Camp

Registration information has been posted for the 2018 Summer Day Camp.
Go Here to learn more and view forms

Registration for the 18/19 School Year

Go Here to view information for the 2018 - 2019 school year.



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